1. Make Last Minute Plans

You’re on vacation and have an extra day to do something fun.   You’d like to book a guide or charter boat to take you fishing. You call around but everyone’s booked.  Bummed, you think, I’ll have to plan ahead next time.

With GuideShareAngler you can book last minute, even just one seat!  

2. Split the Trip and Save Money

You want to book a guide or charter boat to take you fishing.   You’ve called around and talked to several.  You get the same story.  It’s their busy season and most are booked.  They want to help you split a trip with another angler but it doesn’t seem to come together. 

Or maybe you already have a trip and there’s an empty seat.  You are paying the full amount regardless if the trip is “full” or not.   You’d like to add anglers to split the cost but how?

No problem with GuideShareAngler.   Buy and sell extra seats on existing trips directly from other anglers and buddy up split the cost!

3. Replace Someone Who Drops Out

Say you’ve planned ahead and already have a trip with a guide or a charter boat.  Suddenly, one of your fishing buddies drops out and you are on the hook for the full trip – yikes!   You’d like to find a replacement but how?    

With GuideShareAngler you can list your trip and sell the seat in no time! 

4. Mix Business with Pleasure

Maybe you are traveling on business and have an extra day to kill.  You think, It would be great to hire a guide and go fishing.  You call the local fly shop and they have an available guide but since it’s just you, you are on the hook for the full amount, $500 plus tip.  I’m sure I’d love it but wow, that’s a bit much for just me, you think. 

No problem with GuideShareAngler where you can buddy up and split the cost

5. Find a Fishing Buddy

Maybe you’ve hired a guide and just want to share the experience with someone else, someone with similar interests and experiences for the day. 

GuieShareAngler let’s you buddy up with anglers of similar interests and experiences.  

Our mission is to make guided angling experiences available and affordable to all, especially those who plan last minute!