Important guidelines for anglers who are selling a trip:

1.Check with your guide to be sure its OK to add people to your trip.  You’ll also want to ask if the total price of your trip changes if you add people.
2.Be reasonable in pricing your seats.   The suggested way to calculate the price of a seat is to divide the total cost of the trip by the total number of seats available.  Our research shows guides won’t appreciate charging exorbitant amounts for seats on their trip. 
3.Be sure to connect with your buyer before your trip leaves.   Some things you should discuss are:
a)Confirm trip details – be sure you both are on the same page in terms of the type of fishing you are doing and your goals for the day.
b)Confirm meet up time and location
d)Confirm how you plan to split up the catch (if you plan to keep anything).   Common ways are keep what you catch or divide evenly.  Seller will set their preferences for splitting catch when listing the trip.
e)Anything that would adversely surprise the buyer if they found out day of the trip.
4.Your guide has the final say on all matters related to boat safety, weather, fishing, and how to divide up the catch. 
5.The buyer is your guest – please treat them as such!   

6.Reviews – Remember, at the end of the trip you may review the buyer and the buyer may review you.  So be friendly and considerate to get a good review.

7.If your buyer is a no show or if your trip is cancelled by the guide, please contact us immediately at [email protected]  Also see our cancellation policy for details.